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Refugee Week 2022


Refugee Week 2022

Among the activities present at Malta’s first Refugee Week, which took place in June 2022, French-born, Malta based Maltese artist Katel Delia curated the collective exhibition “Finding My Place”, in collaboration with Migrants Commission. This year, the festival hosted a series of events centred on the theme of healing: recognising the human’s ability to start again. This exhibition was the result of a series of workshops organised ahead of the show and featuring the work of various refugees based in Malta, brought together by the overarching theme of home.

The artist decided to structure the workshop as creative-participative activities, focusing on culture shock and the notion of home. She also wanted to help participants to continue developing their own practice, while also making sure that those with no background in the arts can feel comfortable to create and form part of the project.


Refugee Week is a growing global movement whose purpose is to amplify voices and celebrate the contributions, creativity and resilience of refugees through the arts, community and cultural activity. Refugee Week Malta is a grassroots festival produced by Dance Beyond Borders, a duo collective led by Julienne Schembri and Deborah Falzon aimed at creating, facilitating and producing dance opportunities for people to embrace their diverse stories and unite through dance and the arts.

The festival has been endorsed by Counterpoints Arts, the coordinators of RefugeeWeek UK, and is supported by: Arts Council Malta; Association for Justice, Equality and Peace; Medina Asset Management, RiskCap International Ltd and TeamHumanity Norway. Information on the festival can be found here.