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Proġett KENN


Proġett KENN

“I appeal to the parishes, the religious communities, the monasteries and sanctuaries of all Europe to ... take in one family of refugees” Pope Francis

Proġett KENN is about overcoming some obstacles that lead to the exclusion of migrants from the socio-cultural fabric of Maltese society.

The rationale behind it is to create an opportunity for both migrants who need accommodation and families in Malta who KENN and are willing to host migrants in their own home for three months with a possibility of extending up to six months. We believe that this will facilitate the integration process of migrants into Maltese society.

The project will be providing:

  • Migrants with basic assistance through accommodation;
  • Migrants and the hosting families will have the opportunity to get to know and understand each other’s culture(s), customs and traditions thus understanding the dynamics of integration from the perspective of lived experience; and
  • A space which encourages peaceful inter-cultural dialogue and negotiation through the sharing of the lived-in space.

  • Contact us on [email protected].

To be part of this initiative one may choose 1 of 3 modes:

  • Become a hosting family
  • Host in a private residence you may wish to offer
  • Provide support and assistance to families who are hosting

Fill in the application form below to receive more information, from a member of our team.

The success of this project depends on the availability of families and individuals who are willing to open their homes for someone seeking refuge in Malta. Families and/or individuals who:

  • Have adequate hosting facilities;
  • Are willing to engage with support staff from assessment, training, to follow-ups; and
  • Are willing to host with the understanding that there is no renumeration for such a service.