LOOP – Migrants Commission




The Migrants Commission together with Caritas Malta, the Djakonija Unit and various Parishes in Malta set up a social enterprise cooperative. The aim of this cooperative is to support those excluded from the labour market to find real opportunities to work and able to live independently.

The mission of the social enterprise cooperative is to support the Parish’s Diaconia to build capacity with the necessary human, financial and formative resources to facilitate processes and offer opportunities for the communities the Parish works with, to stay in touch with hope, to identify and articulate their own aspirations and work towards the goals they themselves identify. For both the cooperative and the Parishes this is a methodology grounded in Praxis for community building, integration, and social cohesion.

Our vision is that as Church we renew our commitment to promoting the dignity of all human life and all of creation. We aim to do this by raising awareness in parishes and any other community that invites and welcomes us. As disciples of Jesus Christ, we commit to works of service or diaconia that bring about transformation in society. We strive for Parish communities to become more open and inclusive of those living on the peripheries and to welcome those considered to be vulnerable. For us, this is the call of the Gospel.

One Church One Journey

The project upholds Gospel values, also promoted by the four pillars of the social teachings of the Roman Catholic Church namely:

  • Human dignity: created after the image of God, every human has an intrinsic dignity that should be respected in and by society.
  • Common good: the flourishing of the human family, should be the aim of our actions in society.
  • Subsidiarity: create the freedom for people and communities to contribute to the flourishing of the human family.
  • Solidarity: share our means with those who suffer from poverty, oppression, and lack of freedom.