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Hospitality Fund


Hospitality Fund

The Church in Malta, is establishing a fund of €30,000 to encourage seed-initiatives of Hospitality.

The aim is that we embark on a journey together where each individual feels empowered to contribute towards the “common good” through seed-initiatives which:
· nurture a culture of encounter,
· promote hospitality and peaceful co-existence,
· empower immigrants to share their cultural heritage in a spirit of dialogue.

On the 3rd of April 2022 at Peace Lab in Hal Far, Pope Francis said:

"It is my hope that that is how Malta will always treat those who land on its shores, offering them a genuinely ‘safe harbour’ ... Allow me, brothers, and sisters, to express a dream of my own: that you, who are migrants, after having received a welcome rich in human kindness and fraternity, will become in turn witnesses and agents of welcome and fraternity."

“In my soul there is a temple, a shrine, a mosque, a church that dissolve in God.”
Rabia al Basri, Muslim Mystic (9th C.)

To mark the 2022 World Day of Migrants and Refugees “Building the Future with Migrants and Refugees,” and as we recall Pope Francis’ message to all people living in Malta, whether citizens or immigrants, the Catholic Church in Malta is establishing a fund of €30,000.

Through exchanging our different gifts, we become active participants in building strong communities in a spirit of fraternity; as “one family,” sharing daily struggles and limited resources. Together we are committed to build our common home, by respecting our differences, honouring the land with its unique location, character, and beauty, while promoting the dignity of children, women, the elderly and all who are marginalised or vulnerable among us.

Community organisations, whether religious or civic, migrant-led or who promote local interests; individuals or informal groups of residents in Malta of any nationality or ethnicity; are invited to propose seed-initiatives that celebrate the cultural diversity of today’s Malta and that promote a culture of encounter, hospitality, dialogue, peaceful coexistence, and fraternity.

Initiatives should not be ends in themselves (“the medium is the message” – Marshall McLuhan), hence every proposed initiative must be a collaborative effort between citizens and immigrants throughout its various stages of preparation and implementation.

A minimum of €500 can be allocated for each seed-initiative that exemplifies the Fund’s aims and objectives. Each initiative can receive a maximum of €1,000.

The Fund seeks to support seed-initiatives that:

·         nurture a culture of encounter,

·         promote hospitality and peaceful co-existence,  

·         empower immigrants to share their cultural heritage in a spirit of dialogue.    

In line with the World Day of Migrants and Refugees’ message and the theme that marked Pope Francis’ recent visit to Malta, “They showed us unusual kindness” (Acts 28:2), all proposals are to showcase how the kindness of hospitality helps us to re-envision a future together. 

Seed-Initiatives are gestures that have the potential to bear much fruit as first steps towards more robust community building.

Seed-Initiatives can include:

·         The exchange of cultural patrimony through the arts and creative expression,

·         Learning about each other’s traditions, beliefs, and customs,

·         Opening spaces for respectful dialogue,

·         Celebrating the richness of Malta as an island in the Mediterranean with a history of being a “safe haven” for peoples from all surrounding continents,

·        Integral ecology and the stories engendered by our natural landscape,

·         Initiatives inspired by Pope Francis’s teachings especially in Laudato Si’ and Fratelli tutti,

·         Sports and leisure activities and inter-generational encounters across ethnic and cultural divides.

1. Individuals
For the purposes of this fund, “Individuals” refers to:

  • Asylum seekers, persons with a protection status, persons with a “rejected” status, persons holding a single-work permit, foreign nationals resident in Malta; and
  • Any Maltese citizen.

2. Groups
For the purposes of this fund, “groups” refers to:

  • Groups of individuals not formally constituted as an organisation may apply but must designate one person as a point of contact (the leader) for the administrative and overall financial responsibility of the awarded fund.

3. Organisations

For the purpose of this fund “organisations” refers to:

  • Parishes, parish groups, parish pastoral zones, religious (including lay) groups;
  • Migrant-Led Organisations (MLOs) acting at the local and/or national level; and
  • Any other civil-society group.

Based on the aims of the fund, to be eligible, initiatives must fulfil the criteria listed hereafter:

·         They must be not-for-profit,

·         They must be operating in Malta,

·         They must be a collaborative effort between individuals who are native to Malta and immigrants.

The following initiatives are excluded:

·         Commercial (i.e., for-profit) initiatives,

·         Initiatives that already receive funding from other institutions (including but not limited to the European Union, Government entities etc),

·       Projects that are ongoing and long-term unless a particular activity or event in the context of a long-term project highlights the themes above in a fresh way.

1.     Interested applicants are to fill in the form available below. Applicants who have any queries or face difficulties in filling-in the form can contact the Migrants Commission asking for support.

2.     Applicants submitting proposals that have potential but are not clear enough, will be offered support to finalise their application and re-submit.

3.     Individuals or organisations who receive a grant must implement the initiative within an agreed timeframe which includes preparatory work and end of project reporting. Apart from a brief final report, they may be required to submit a mid-term report. Both reports must include receipts of all expenses, pictures of organised activities, and any other relevant material produced.

4.     When a proposal is accepted, 50% of the allocation will be provided. On completion of the initiative applicants will receive the remaining 50% of the allocation. Such will be made available only where satisfactory proof of the initiative and receipts are provided. Allocated funds may be requested back in case of mismanagement of the initiative.

5.     Applicants that encounter difficulties during the implementation of the initiative, must immediately inform the Migrants Commission and the Committee overseeing the fund.

For more information:

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