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Balluta Residence

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Balluta Residence for men

The Balluta Centre is an initiative of the Migrants Commission in collaboration with the Maltese Carmelite Province. The rationale behind this centre, as with the others, is not to simply offer a bed, but a place that offers a supportive community. The centre will host single migrant men.

Migration is a gendered process where men as gendered persons are often overlooked. Men are very rarely perceived or positioned as possibly ‘vulnerable’, due to bias and stigma. Men themselves may find it hard to identify as such to their own detriment.

Due to this, women and children often receive well deserved attention and services, and this should carry on, but often at the price of not offering services to the largest group within the forced migration population, those who identify as men.

The Balluta welcoming centre aims to develop specialised knowledge, skills and services on working with migrant men, particularly with a focus on men who are escaping from war or violent conflict